No More Religiosity: Hope Is Now Jehovah’s Witnesses

No More Religiosity: Hope Is Now Jehovah’s Witnesses

Before I came here I had started to prepare for the end. I was buying food, supplies and so on. Jehovah’s Witnesses(JW) are taught not to be put much stock in this present world. I saw hope as a future tense and not a present tense. So many JWs don’t go to college, don’t have kids, some don’t marry because they see no use in it. Well I married but I almost did not have kids and I almost did not get my bachelor’s degree. Looking back at things I am glad I married, had kids, and got an education. JWs tend to be fleshly and religiously passive and so they become easy prey for demons to chew on their mental health.

When Pam explained REAL salvation to me I began to understand that hope is in the NOW, past, and future because God had already made provisions for it. When Pam explained that the OT was about the foretelling of Christ and that the NT was about the life, death and resurrection of Christ and that is when the light bulb of HOPE came on. It was like my eyes opened up to what real Hope is all about.

I thought wow that there is HOPE for me and that it was possible that I could be one of the elect? It was like I could see the LIGHT. I started to see HOPE in a whole new light. Even though I know I did not deserve it I am so glad that God saved me. Now I understand what it means in Corthinians that the old things pass away and you become a renewed creature that is no longer bound to condemnation and despair. Before I became saved, it was the TRUTH that gave me hope and I never thought that I would not be saved.

How about you? How do you view hope?




All religion are cults but there are certain religions that either operate in mind control or act as a channel for salvation. These religions in particular are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, and Mormons. These religions tend to share one thing in common almost every founder was approached by a fallen angel. All of these religions minimize Christ by acting as a channel for salvation.